The Jacket Museum

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Now has come the time for closure, at least for the time being, of the Museum. They have been more than four years posting regularly and although I am a bit saddened about it, I want to explore other things.
I would like to thank all of you that have followed up on the blog all this time, the ones that have have participated, commented and contribute sending entries for posting.
On my website, I have opened a section were you see on a single glance all the entries posted since October, 2007. It can be visited following this link.
To stay up to date with editorial design I recommend visiting Booketing, one of the few blogs still active and The Casual Optimist, to the best of my knowledge is the best website on books and their design.
My contact mailbox still open: elotrolopez[at]yahoo[dot]es
Good bye for now,


You Think That’s Bad

Jim Shepard
Vintage. Paperback, 2012

Design by John Gall

La Niña de Nieve

Eowin Ivey
Grijalbo. Trade paperback, 2011

Design by Ferran López

The Heights

Peter Hedges
Dutton. Hardcover, 2010

Design by Monica Benalcazar

Un Divorcio Elegante

Purificación Pujol
Grijalbo. Trade paperback, 2012

Design by Aristu & Co.

The 20th Century in Poetry

Ebury Press. Hardcover, 2011

Desing by Toby Clarke

Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin

Timothy Snyder
Bodley Head. Hardcover, 2010

Design by Michael Salu

The Marriage Plot

Jeffrey Eugenides
Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Hardcover, 2011

Design by Rodrigo Corral and Adly Elews

Pares i Fills

Ivan S.Turguenev
Marbot. Trade paperback, 2011

Design by Xavier Carbonell

The Vaults

Toby Ball
St. Martin’s Press. Hardcover, 2010

Design by Ervin Serrano