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Archivo para marzo, 2008


Julie Gonzalez
Delacorte. Hardcover, 2007

Dead Pets: Stuff Them, Eat Them, Love Them

Sam Leith
Cannongate. Hardcover, 2005

The Contortionist’s Handbook

Craig Clevenger
Harper Perennial. Paperback, 2006

The Flood

David Maine
Canongate. Paperback, 2007

The Coast of Akron

Adrienne Miller
Hutchinson. Hardcover, 2005

Picador USA. Paperback, 2006

Hutchinson. Paperback (airport edition), 2006

Arrow. Paperback, 2007

Black & White and Dead All Over

John Darnton
Knopf. Hardcover, 2008

The Stupid Crook Book

Leland Gregory
Andrews McMeel Publishing. Bolsillo, 2002


Jorge Luis Borges
New Directions. Paperback, 2007

The Return of the Blue Cat

F.D. Reeve
Other Press. Trade paperback, 2005

One Being Certain

Robert A. Burton
St. Martin Press. Tapa dura, 2008