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Archivo para noviembre, 2009

The Sheriff of Yrnameer

Michael Rubens
Pantheon. Hardcover, 2009

Design by Peter Mendelsund


Heaven is Small

Emily Schultz
Anansi. Hardcover, 2009

Design by Ingrid Paulson

Die Kampagne

David Baldacci
Luebbe. Paperback, 2009

The Prisoner of Guantánamo

Dan Fesperman
Knopf. Hardcover, 2006

Design by John Gall

Jane Eyre / Wuthering Heights

Charlote Brontë / Emily Brontë
Vintage. Paperback 2009

Design by Megan Wilson

The Man Who Loved Books Too Much

Allison Hoover Barlett
Riverhead. Hardcover, 2009

Design by Darren Haggar

Chronic City

Johnathan Lethem
Faber & Faber. Trade Paperback, 2009

Chronic City