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Archivo para mayo, 2010

Diamond Star Halo

Tifany Murray
Portobello Books. Paperback, 2010

Design by Design Holborn

The Pox and the Covenant

Tony Williams
Source Books. Hardcover, 2010

Design by Jason Gabbert


Tom Vanderbilt
De Bezige Bij. Paperback, 2009

Design by Jan de Boer Studio

Filthy English

Peter Silverton
Portobello Books. Paperback, 2010

Design by Dan Mogford


Roy Jacobsen
Cappelen Damm. Hardcover, 2009

Design by Stian Hole, Blæst Desing


Buddy Levy
Debate. Hardcover, 2010

Design by Núria Zaragoza

Cold, Clear and Deadly

Melvin J. Visser
Michigan State University Press. Hardcover, 2007

Design by Charles Brock

La Condesa Sangrienta

Alejandra Pizarnik
Libros del zorro rojo. Hardcover, 2009

Diesign by Santiago Caruso

The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers

Thomas Mullen
Fourth State. Paperback, 2010

Design by Leo Nickolls

The Road to Samarkand

Patrick O’Brian
W. W. Norton & Company. Paperback, 2008

Design by Albert Tang