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Archivo de enero, 2011

Rainbow Pie

Joe Bageant
Portobello Books. Paperback, 2010

Design by Arthur Cherry

Frau Wirtin hatte einen Knecht, Frau Wirtins Gemäldegalerie, Frau Wirtins frivoler Nachlass

Peter Thomas
Eulenspiegel Verlag. Hardcover, 2009-2011

Design by Robert Schumann/Buchgut

Nueva York

Edward Rutherfurd
Roca Editorial. Tapa dura, 2010

Diseño de Opal Works

The Tao of Wu

Riverhead. Hardcover, 2009

Design by Andrea Ho

Trains of Discovery: Railroads and the Legacy of the National Parks

Alfred Runte
Roberts Rinehart. Hardcover, 2011

Design by Devis Watson

And Then There’s This

Bill Wasik
Penguin. Bolsillo, 2010

Diseño de Ben Wiseman

The French Lieutenant’s Woman

John Fowles
Little, Brown & Company. Trade paperback, 1998

Design by Keith Hayes

The Holy Thief

William Ryan
Minotaur Books. Hardcover, 2010

Design by Ervin Serrano