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Archivo de 2000's

Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin

Timothy Snyder
Bodley Head. Hardcover, 2010

Design by Michael Salu

Primo Levi’s Universe

Sam McGavern
Palgrave-Macmillan. Hardcover, 2009

Design by Jason ramirez

The Toy Collector

James Gunn
AmazonEncore. Hardcover, 2009

Design by Ben Wiseman


Kurt Wenzel
Little Brown & Company. Hardcover, 2007

Design by Nneka Bennett


Kenneth M. Sayre
Notre Dame University Press. Hardcover, 2010

Design by Nate Salciccioli

The Absent Traveller

Randall DeVallance
Atticus Books. Paperback, 2010

Design by Anton Khodakovsky

Doctor Zhivago

Boris Pasternak
Pantheon, 2010. Hardcover

Design by Peter Mendelsund

Travels with a Typewriter

Michael Frayn
Faber & Faber. Hardcover, 2009

Design by Eleanor Crow

The Story of God

Michael Lodahl
Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City. Trade paperback, 2008

Design by Arthur Cherry

Other Tongues

Edited by Adebe DeRango-Adem and Andrea Thompson
Inana Publications. Hardcover, 2010

Design by Val Fullard